PureSilk® fibroin solution 30 ml


Fibroin solution in 30 ml bottle
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The silk produced by Bombyx mori, the domestic silkworm, is composed by two different proteins: fibroin, a fibrous protein that is the main structural component of this material, and sericin, a protein that acts as a glue for fibroin. Fibroin is well-known for its biocompatible interactions with the physiological environment and for the absence of adverse reactions when implanted, properties that make silk fibroin an optimal candidate for research and devices in the medical field.

PureSilk® fibroin solution is obtained by harvesting silk fibroin with an innovative procedure (patent pending). This process is highly effective and environmentally friendly since it avoids the use of potentially harmful solvents traditionally used in silk fibroin isolation. The high quality of this solution is achieved through a manufacturing process aimed at minimizing the risk of contamination as certified by the low content in endotoxins and CFU during tests.

From PureSilk® fibroin solution it is possible to create a variety of shapes and structures (e. g., scaffolds, membranes, coatings, sponges, hydrogels etc.) with tuneable mechanical and structural properties, offering many potentialities. Furthermore, it has been shown that silk fibroin can be degraded safely when implanted in the body by a number of proteolytic enzymes, a property that makes silk fibroin a bioactive material able to undergo remodelling in the physiological environment unlike many synthetic alternatives. In addition, silk fibroin is composed by amino acids that can be absorbed by the surrounding cells without causing any toxicity. Therefore, PureSilk® fibroin solution is the chance to make your own medical devices become a reality.


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